At Burning Man there is sometimes little distinction between outfits, which you choose to express your true self, and costumes, worn to temporarily be someone else. We recognize the distinction, though one person's outfit can be someone else's costume. I consider myself more of an "outfit" guy than a "costume" guy, but some people might disagree. I'm comfortable wearing kilts anywhere but I don't like to wear hats anywhere unless it's for protection from the elements or to hide bedhead. Here at BurnerCostumes we celebrate attire of all kinds.

Outfit, clothing, or costume, what you wear is your most intimate example of Radical Self-expression, one of the 10 Principles of Burning Man. In the heat of the day or the cool of the night, dressing up is one of the best aspects of a burn.

Unlike in the default world, at Burning Man you can wear whatever you want (or nothing at all, of course). You are free to be YOU, and that is your unique gift to the community and they will love you for it. This is the place to celebrate the diversity of those amazing personal expressions.


The range of apparel I've spotted is wide, but for the sake of organizing the site I have created a few general categories and provided some examples. Some items and outfits defy categorizing, but I try anyway.


Most folks pull together their own wardrobes and help fellow burners to prepare theirs. The DIY section has patterns, examples, suggestions, and instructions. Where appropriate, there are links to tutorials or to download and print materials.


Participate here by sharing your stuff and subscribing to the newsletter. If you have an idea for a guest post (written by you or someone you suggest), send a short description for consideration.(

Submit your stuff

In the spirit of Communal Effort and Participation (two more Principles of Burning Man), I encourage you to submit your photos and ideas. Use the submission form to make sure we gather the important information. Links to the form are scattered throughout the site.


Finally, I encourage you to subscribe to Playa Rags, the monthly newsletter. I only need your basic e-mail information, which I do not share with anyone for any reason. I send you the latest news in the world of Burning Man attire. The newsletter includes links, insider information, and discount codes for items whenever I can negotiate a good deal.

I’ll see you at Black Rock City.

Sir Haberdash


Sir Haberdash

Sir HaberdashSir Haberdash (his Playa name) is a dedicated burner, costume designer, artist, and writer living in Portland, OR. Every day he sews and prepares for the next burn.