Frequently Asked Questions and Policies

Here are answers to some questions that are asked the most.

Where are the photos from?

I took some of the photographs and fellow attendees and visitors to the website supplied others. I have included some I found online. In all cases, I have tried to give appropriate credit and links so you can contact the creator directly. If you find something here that is yours and you don't want it posted, please let us know and we will remove it immediately.

Why should I subscribe to the newsletter?

The newsletter, Playa Rags, is sent out monthly. It includes special insights and ideas, occasional guest articles, and links that are designed only for members. It is well worth the price: Free. We do not share our newsletter list or e-mail addresses with anyone for any reason.

What is your connection with Burning Man?

We are avid burners and we believe in the philosophy and principles of the Burning Man organization and applaud their efforts to facilitate an amazing experience every year for like-minded souls. We have no official connection to the organization. We hope we reflect the creativity and enthusiasm of the attendees by helping boost excitement and provide inspiration and ideas that make the experience even more memorable. Alas, we have no special access to tickets, facilities, or any other privileges. For in-depth official information about the event and the organization, please visit

may I send photos of items I made,  photographed, or discovered online?

Yes, by all means. Share your discoveries as well as your creations. Because we want to give proper credit and gain permissions when necessary, we ask that you use the Submission Form, fill it out completely, and attach your photos and other documents. We especially like tutorials or instructions to make an item or achieve a certain look. We will evaluate everything and decide which items best fit our criteria.

Are you associated with a particular theme camp?

No, we are not at this time. Who knows, maybe we'll have a camp in the future. We are more interested in gathering ideas from everyone. There are several camps we love.

Two of my favorite groups are Kostume Kult, a NYC-based costume-related theme camp on the playa that has dispensed Playa fashion items since 2002 and my hometown Portland favorite Black Rock Boutique, which has handed out items to burners since 1996. Contact them directly if you would like to become involved in their fun and crazy work.

Still have a question?

If your question is not answered here, feel free to contact us directly.